Jewellery Making

I love Minimalist Jewellery

I spent the day googling lots of minimalist jewellery. I fell in love with the sleek and modern lines. Then I had a go at producing my own version of simple minimalist earrings. It’s a dramatic and delicate look, but so adult. They might help me to adult better.

Silver-plated minimalist earrings for pierced ears.
Jewellery Making

My First Broach

I attempted my first ever broach this week. Partly because I was curious and partly because I am broke and mother’s day is still looming. This is intended for the mother in-law who likes cats. It’s definitely a cat. (Once it’s on the pin at the back will be hidden) I wanted to put some sparkle into it with topaz-coloured Swarovski crystals for his eyes and red coral beads for his collar. He also has a Swarovski crystal on his collar too: all cats need a little bling!

First broach – be kind!
Jewellery Making

Simplistic Pearl Design

I have a wedding I need to attend in the summer and for some reason my brain wandered to pearls and silver plated wire. I wanted something really elegant and simple, like pearls simply floating in the air by my ears. This is what I came up with. I hammered the wire flat at the base of the earring to give the pearls a floating effect. They just sit above the flat wire. They are so simple and delicate: I love them. To create a set I added a modern pearl necklace that fastens at the front by threading the end pearl through a silver hoop. I love the way they look like little handcuffs! (fifty shade-elk) A simplistic, dainty and extremely elegant design.