Jewellery Making

Rings with a Ping

Handmade earrings with style and sound

I have been inspired by the ring (the circle not the film). There is a lot of jewellery around at the moment that uses simple rings. I love the look and I think I am falling in love with the minimalist style with sleek lines and simple shapes. It really excites me.

I had a lunch date with friends this week and I wanted earrings that were simple, minimalist but stylish. I was wearing my hair up so all focus would be on the earrings I chose. I made my own. I created three rings out of silver-plated wire and hammered them flat. Then added a trendy handmade finding to hold them in my ears. They worked fabulously. They moved perfectly, dangling and stroking my neck just enough. I also found they made a little tinkle sound when I moved suddenly. I found myself shaking my head just to hear the tinkle sound!


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