Labradorite is it Magic?

I finally bought a few labradorite stones. I love the blue and gold sheen that the stones have inside them. (I love anything that sparkles, I am a total magpie) I want to create a set of wire wrap pendants and will post pictures on here when I finally get round to it.


After doing research on google I learned that wearing a piece of Labradorite can encourage your own innate magical powers to surface. The stone was originally though to be frozen fire from the Aurora Borealis by the Inuit people. Used by shamans, diviners and healers, it was though to enhance mental and intuitive abilities such as clairvoyance, telepathy, movement between different worlds or realms and communication between spirits. In a less magical setting it can encourage you to be the best you can by helping you to be positive and more attuned to your work.

Labradorite can also help to combat negative personality traits. It can help those that are depressed or feeling shame, it reduces impulsive behaviour, recklessness and anti-social behaviour impulses. It can also help to detoxify effects from tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

I’m not entirely convinced it can do all that, but it looks so pretty, everything else is a positive.

For more information on Labradorite check this page where I found these facts.





5 thoughts on “Labradorite is it Magic?”

  1. I’m sure you are going to turn them into something magical! Those are beautiful – they do look like you chipped away some shards of the Northern Lights!

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