Jewellery Making

The Silver Sky Pendant


Handmade: The Silver Sky Pendant


A fabulous cluster of silver, white and sparkling stones. The silver sky pendent is inspired by that time just before the sun breaks through the rain clouds, when it illuminates the clouds making the rain glisten and etching out those silver linings. I wanted to capture that feeling of standing in the warm sun kissed rain under a silver sky. The pendant is made from silver plated wire and sits on an 18 inch shimmering leather cord. It is a cluster pendent that is stuffed with precious gems including: moonstones, shell, quartzite, Chalcedony, Swarovski crystals, mystic quartz, clear quartz, rutile quartz, and cracked quartz.


 It took me a few days to do but I wanted it to be perfect. I like my pendants to have a story, like an exquisite piece of art. A memory of a fabulous feeling or image. This pendant is my ode to the rain. I love the rain. It makes me feel alive. It’s such a miraculous phenomenon: water falling from the sky! The sound of it hitting the window and pavement. That perfect time when the sun is just about to win the fight, when it lights up the clouds making them sparkle. A prelude to a rainbow. It’s perfect.



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