Record Of Earring Making Progress This Week

Record Of Earring Making Progress This Week

This week has been earring mad. After creating a set of asymmetrical or mismatched earring, check this earlier post, I decided I wanted more. I had requests from family for them. I had outings planned and I wanted a pair for myself. I spent a large chunk of my spare time this week making more earrings: seven more to be exact. This, I felt, was a great achievement and a record of my developing skills in the jewellery making field. But how to best record this progress? How to record it for the world to see? To bask in, to wallow in to, admire? I know! The idea appeared to me like magic. I’d use an owl!

No a real owl, I love animals and would never subject such lovely animals to the stresses of earring modelling. A candle holder owl. He has (definitely a he! Wide tortured eyes!) lots of little places to hang earrings on. Here is my owl shaped record of earring making progress this week.

Asymmetrical or mismatched earrings
The owl record of earring making progress. Tortured eyes and all.

The macramé earrings won’t be available until I finish my set of gold and grey macramé jewellery. Which will be coming soon.

Now I felt a bit guilty for tormenting my owl candle holder in this way. Maybe a name would help appease my guilt. So I decided to dub him Owley Jeff. Such a fitting name I thought, fits him perfectly. He’s Owl-ly and kinda looks like a Jeff. However, my best friend tutted and said “no.” He is now Oliver the Owl…

…introducing Oliver the Owl in his new earrings, all ready for his blog appearance…I still like Owley Jeff more though.

asymmetrical or mismatched earrings and owl
Oliver the Owl, formerly the owl known as Owley Jeff.

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