Jewellery Making

Macramé and Metal Mash-up Jewellery.

Macramé and metal Mash-up Jewellery.

This week I have stretched my powers of Macramé. I brought cotton and nylon thread in grey and a sparkly black to practise my knotting, but ended up making necklaces and pendants. I experimented with organic swirly shapes made from gold-plated wire. I was aiming for artistic and unique. Then I used the cotton thread to create a lace-like effect. This was created using square knots and alternating the lazy strands with the non-lazy strands.

knottedstar has an awesome tutorial on how to create square knots if you are interested.

I produced swirly informal wire shaped and tried to make the cotton more formal by creating a lace effect. Here are the initial pictures. I’m not sure about the style yet: it was just something I wanted to try. A mash-up of jewellery styles! Formal Casual. I would love to get some feedback. What do you think of the jewellery? Do you think it works? Is the cotton too informal? What about the pendants?  I haven’t put these up for sale yet as: one, I would like to create earrings for each necklace and two, I might re-thread them all. I’m undecided.

This week I happened to hit my hand on a cactus that lives in my window…I was adjusting the blind and forgot it was there. Half my hand looked like a pin cushion, until I removed the spikes. As my right-hand took the brunt of the cactus fight, and I am right-handed, my jewellery making maybe a little slower this week. My hand now looks like it was attacked by an octopus…not the best start to a week of knotting.


5 thoughts on “Macramé and Metal Mash-up Jewellery.”

    1. The pendants are really light and quite dainty. The knots seem to hold the lacy in place. I think if I tugged hard at it They would stretch. It is quite bouncy though. An interesting experiment.

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