A Facebook Vs Etsy test?

I’m going to see which shop works better, Etsy of Facebook. Ok, I have set up a Facebook shop and I finally got around to setting up an Etsy one. So both are up and running with the same items for sale, almost. The Facebook page is free to set up but the Etsy has listing fees of O.16  pence per item. If I sell any item, I will just remove it from the other shop. Either way I only pay one listing fee. I want to see which works better. I’m going to see how this works out over the next few months and hopefully, narrow down to the shop that performs the best, which ever that may be.

This may be a completely silly idea…but a friend told me that not having an Etsy shop would put people off buying from me.  They wouldn’t feel as secure about it.  I don’t know if that is true, I hear from others that lots of people sell well on Facebook. I want to see for my self which works for me. My test.

My facebook shop:   https://www.facebook.com/DysisDesign/

My Etsy shop:             https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/DysisDesign

Let the test begin.

By the way, if you are on Etsy please favourite me and I’ll make sure to return the favour 🙂


11 thoughts on “A Facebook Vs Etsy test?”

  1. I have been on etsy a while and I found it quite difficult to sell and that I needed more items available to make my store up on the list for it to be recognised when searching. Though your experience might be different, I find Facebook more efficient and have custom requests alot more as I see it as a bigger shop window and you can showcase and share your items alot better. I think I’ll go back to etsy sometime soon as I have different plans, I wish you the best of luck with both and hope that you make it on etsy as it is a tough market! X

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    1. Thank you, I wanted to try them both, so thought I would save time by letting them both run at the same time. Could blow up in my face, but at least I’ll know!


  2. Sorry – I don’t have an etsy or facebook account. I have so many things to crochet for my friends and family that I would never have time to make things to sell. Amazon also offers a platform for handcrafted items. Good luck! You’re treasures should sell out quick! 😀


  3. I think I am working the other way round to you as I have an etsy shop (thanks for the favourite) but was planning to sort out a facebook business page in the next week or two. The nice thing about etsy is it shows you all the stats of what people look at etc so you can see what people are interested in and searching for and refine your shop from that. Good luck!


    1. Facebook can do that too if you start a page and add a shop to it. I’m already starting to find that you get a wider reach with Facebook, or so far as all my friends are on it and sharing with me.


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