Tree of Life Pendant by Dysis Design Sold
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Labradorite Number 5 and 6 Tree of Life

This has already sold but I wanted you guys to see it. It’s so beautiful! I created my first Tree of Life pendant. It has a hidden frame behind the labradorite so you see the tree in all of it’s copper glory. Brass coloured copper that is.

Tree of Life Pendant by Dysis Design Sold
Tree of Life Pendant by Dysis Design Sold

Yggdrasil, the mystical tree of life which in prevalent in many religions and a symbol of knowledge, enlightenment and protection. With branches that reach up to the heavens and roots that dive deep to support, a lovely pendant to wear on any occasion. The mystical tree of life sits snuggly on a beautiful labradorite cabochon. Created from brass coloured copper wire to give the trunk a beautiful and natural shine. The labradorite has a lot of gold fire when the light hits it making this a truly exquisite necklace. Labradorite is a special stone thought to enhances spirituality. Remember we all know it’s magic, right? The pendant hangs on an 18 inch antique-looking copper chain. All parts are nickel free and anti tarnish.

I loved this pendant so much, and was sad to see it go but I know it’s new owner will adore it as much as I do. To perk myself up I decided to create another tree of life. I just finished it like an hour ago and posted it on my Etsy and Facebook shops (see home page for links). This one is more oval and has a gold flash. Again it is so beautiful. During the making there were several times where I just sat and stared at the flash for a while and needed to shake myself to carry on creating.

Here is labradorite pendant number 6 now available for purchase. I even wrapped the bail on this one. My skills are developing nicely I think. I can’t put videos up here (not on a free account, sad face) but if you want to see the flash go to my facebook page (where I can post the clips) to see it.

Tree of Life Golden Labradorite Pendant by Dysis Design
Tree of Life Golden Labradorite Pendant by Dysis Design

12 thoughts on “Labradorite Number 5 and 6 Tree of Life”

  1. Dysis these are beautiful! So funny I was just mentioning trees this morning! You’re skills are evolving really evolving. I feel like you are getting more confident and listening to your creative inner voice more. You should create a YouTube account if you have some videos. It doesn’t cost anything and you can access a wider audience plus you can put the link to it here in your blog!! 😀

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    1. That’s a great idea but my daughter never wants to stand still long enough to record me. I tried it my self but it’s hard with pliers in hand! I think I’ll do what you do and wait until she wants something then bribe her. If I get a few clips sorted then I could think about YouTube. It’s a good idea.

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      1. I’m thinking of getting a little tripod to fit my camera. I would love to do some youtube videos. I usually just have my two dogs as helpers and they would chew up my camera. LOL

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      2. What a good idea. Or maybe I could cellar tape the camera somewhere. I love that the dogs help, that made me laugh. Hope your camera doesn’t have too many chew marks on it!

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      3. They would just love to get dog slobber all over it! That’s a good idea too, but maybe not tape because that will leave a sticky residue on your camera. Maybe rubber bands or maybe you could use some wire to make like a basket of sorts to set your camera in! Oh and of course it would be a loopy swirly basket with a few beads or gems in there to give it some bling!! 😀

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