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My Timely Creation of Earrings.

Maybe it’s because it’s Easter, maybe I had a lot of energy, maybe I was overdoing it, or maybe I was inspired. I like to think I was inspired, whether from the warm spring weather, God, my daughter’s demands for new earrings or just the beauty of each stone. Whatever the reason, over the last two days I have created earrings in a timely fashion. I created twelve pairs but decided to keep one pair for myself: after all that hard work I needed a little reward didn’t I?

I created an eclectic mix of wire wraps, dangling gems and even some chakra stimulation. I love each pair and really enjoyed creating them. Here they are for you to feast on:

A collection of earrings inspired by spring...or something else.
A collection of earrings inspired by spring…or something else.

Which is your favourite?

The set I kept are similar to the pair in the bottom right corner but had jasper rounds all the way down instead of the green aventurine. I keep looking at this picture and wondering how I did it all in such a timely manner. Oh well when inspiration hits, it hits! I need to enjoy it while it lasts because I know when Easter’s over there won’t be as much time to create.

If you want to see more detailed descriptions of each set check out my Etsy page.



3 thoughts on “My Timely Creation of Earrings.”

    1. My best friend is the same allergic to almost everything, she can only wear Stirling silver earring. So I’m going to purchase sterling silver wire soon so I can make here a pair. The earrings in the picture are all created from copper plated wire which is nickel free and anti tarnish. My daughter and I have worn earrings I have made for years and never reacted. But some people are allergic to certain things it is always best to check item descriptions before you buy anything. I like those ones too the curve of the wire is lovely.


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