Cherry Quartz Bracelet by Dysis Design
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Evanescent Moments in Jewellery Creation

I tend to be one of those people who is either all in: mind, heart, soul. Or all out: my time would be more productive watching Netflix with sushi. Don’t ask, I’m just weird. I have learned not to analyse the inner motives of my mind (too dark and dangerous), but to instead go with my creative flow, wherever it may take me. Maybe not the best plan, yet this way of thinking has given me such freedom and peace lately. I have experienced many evanescent moments as a result.

One moment happened yesterday, as walked under the simmering heat of the sun, I spotted such beautiful flowers, clusters of them woven together in a fabulous white carpet. I had to take a photo and post it on my Instagram page straight away. Here it is.

Summer Flower Carpet by Dysis Design
Summer Flower Carpet by Dysis Design

So abundant, so dainty, so fragile yet beautiful. I remember thinking how exquisite, what a beautiful and hard working planet I live on.  Quality and beauty. I decided for my next line of jewellery I will work on a range which is exquisite and elegant as those flower. A range made from fine materials such as sterling silver. Quality an beauty.  Keep an eye on this space because over the next few weeks I will create a range of sterling silver jewellery piece. I’m really excited about the project and cant wait to see where my creativity takes me.

I am also producing better photos, as evident from the flowers. I’m trying more angles and experimenting more.  Here is a lovely new bracelet I created after my flower inspiration.

Cherry Quartz Bracelet by Dysis Design
Cherry Quartz Bracelet by Dysis Design

I think the photo turned out lovely. I also decided to reduce many of my items to low and ridiculous prices to celebrate the oncoming summer. It has me in such a good mood: I want to share it with all you fabulous people. Your support means a lot to me. Thank you gals and guys, big hugs.



2 thoughts on “Evanescent Moments in Jewellery Creation”

  1. That picture of those flowers makes me happy! I think you are very well in tune with yourself and know when you are at your creative best – and it shows in your lovely pieces! 🙂

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