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Turquoise gifts for girls and boys.

I love turquoise and this purple sourced turquoise is so gorgeous I had to use it to create fabulous wire-wrapped pendants which are unique and beautiful statement pieces of jewellery. I added real leather cord to finish the necklaces in a boho style that accentuated the meditate properties of these stones. I could stare into them for hours. They are so intricate and interesting to look at. I noticed others staring at them too when I wore one about town. I am so pleased with how they all came out. Stunning.

Turquoise is a mineral that is normally blue to green in colour. It contains copper and aluminium. It was used in adornments in ancient Egypt, by the Aztec and Mesopotamians. Turquoise is thought to be a bringer of good luck and a talisman of good fortune since 3000 BC. The word turquoise comes from a French word and means Turkish stone. This was probably due to the fact it was imported into Europe from Turkey during the seventeen century. It is claimed to be one of the first gemstones found often in Egyptian tombs, including Tutankhamun’s.

Originally thought to protect a rider from falls [Crystalvaults] it came to be recognised as a stone that protects from any falls or injury, a talisman to ward off evil. It is particularly affective in the throat Chaka area and used there can prevent falls, damage to one’s person and damage or loss to one’s valuables. It can strengthen physical and spiritual immune systems, providing protecting form otter negative influences. It can help to develop harmony between he spiritual and the physical and improve ailments of the body or spirit when worn.

Unfortunately, turquoise is not as hard as some minerals and as a result is often treated in today’s market.

Waxing and oiling are traditional treatments used to give the stones a glossy depth.
Stabilising is commonly done using plastics, resins or epoxy is often used to make material or piece into a stable form of turquoise.
Dying can be used to give a stone a truer turquoise colour if the stone does not have a natural turquoise colour.
Reconstruction is used to bind fragments and particles of turquoise together to create bigger piece of the material.
Backing is the process of bonding thinner layers of turquoise to another material to add strength to the piece. [
There is controversy on the acceptability of some or all of these treatments, but many are common place in the gemstone industry. Real and naturally untreated turquoise is now much rarer and more expensive to purchase.

Purple turquoise can be produced in two ways: natural turquoise can be dyed to this colour or more commonly it is created from reconstituted turquoise, from the fragments of turquoise that have be mixed with dyes and resins to create hard structures and then polished into stone shapes for use in jewellery.

Untreated turquoise can be a fragile mineral. It can react to prolonged contact with the skin, oils, hairsprays, solvents, or even sunlight. Turquoise needs to be wiped after use with a damp cloth and returned to a container that had adequate airflow to keep the stone hydrated and at a stable temperature. Locked in airtight containers can adversely affect turquoise.

For peace of mind I source all my turquoise from India. It is reconstructed for stability and longevity using only turquoise and the finished stone is natural and untreated. This ensures that jewellery created with it will last and can be treasured for many years. The colours of the stones are vibrant and beautiful to behold. When warn the piece are like miniature artworks hanging on the body and are truly a joy to be hold. A stunning and unique gift for yourself to treasure or to gift to a special loved one whom you want to show your appreciation and love to. A beautiful necklace to protect them from harm and offer them the balance of body and spirit they deserve. All turquoise necklaces come presented in black gift boxes and wrapped lovingly in tissue paper ready to gift, or open yourself.

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Nails, Not Blogging, and Ultra Fine Sterling Silver Labradorite Jewellery

I have a confession! I haven’t posted on my site for a few weeks, though I have kept up to date with my Instagram. The reason being that I had the most gorgeous acrylic nails. They were red and sparkly and smooth and shimmered when the light hit them. So beautiful. However, when I came to pick up my jewellery creating tools I discovered the catch. Maybe you are one of those awesome people who can put on jewellery with longer nails, that could pick up a pair of pliers and easily manipulate and cultivate a masterpiece of wire phenomena with talons, that could hammer and meld a piece of metal to beaten perfection without one scratch o chip to your varnish. I am not. I found I couldn’t do any of those things, my nails were in the way. I was stubborn, I wanted to keep them, so I did…until the urge to create jewellery finally frothed within me so violently that I had to give in and remove the little beauties.  That is my confession: fashion over function. I am so ashamed of my self.

Once I returned to more “normal” sized nails, I could finally get back to creating. So here is a catch up on what I have been up to.

I expanded my exclusive sterling silver range with more AA labradorite necklaces. Here are the labradorite gemstones before:


And here is what they turned into!

Some of these little beauties have sold, some have not! check out my Etsy shop to purchase. Link is on the home page.

I had so much fun wire wrapping each one. It was fabulous to be able to actually work without talons in the way. I think my wire wrapping skills have come a long way. I love the way the labradorite gemstones catch the light, they have such wonderful glows within them and are such a great quality. Each piece is a unique piece of sterling silver art and comes in a black jewellery box and wrapped in tissue paper ready to be that awesome and unique gift. They’re so beautiful to look at, almost mesmerising, I would wear them all the time. They are also easy to care for too, as they are all sterling silver so you can clean them with any sterling silver cleaner.


Stunning Cream White Knotted Pearl Necklace With Silk thread and Sterling Silver Clasp.
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A Quick Preview Of Fine Jewellery Created This Week: Pearls, Labradorite and Sterling Silver.

Here is a quick look at some of these pieces I am working on. I will be posting them in my Etsy shop on Saturday 10th June 2017. They took a lot of time to create and are high quality pieces which cost a lot more in time and materials and so this is reflected in the prices I will be posting. If you wish me to create a custom order of something similar, then please feel free to email me or message me through Etsy or Facebook.

Check out these luxurious beauties. All either sterling silver, real natural silk, real AA quality gemstones and real quality pearls.

Sterling Silver Obsidian Heart by Dysis Design
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Polishing Up The Sterling Silver Range

After a few requests from friends and family, I decided to work on a range of quality sterling silver pieces. I am really excited by this range, and the results have been amazing so far. I have been, bending, wrapping, weaving, creating and polishing the sterling silver wire like crazy. It’s been hard work, sterling silver is delicate and easy to mark you need to be careful when using tools on it and polish it well. I have found that I am using my nylon coated pliers much more, to protect the beautiful wire and to ensure it stays shiny.

I have already had a few custom requests this week and was able to fulfil these requests.  Minimalist circle stud earrings, a birthday present for an 18th birthday June girl (pearl earrings and necklace were perfect). A simple obsidian heart pendant for everyday wear. Take a look at them here:

Sterling Silver Obsidian Heart by Dysis Design
Sterling Silver Obsidian Heart by Dysis Design
Minimalist Circle Stud Earrings by Dysis Design
Minimalist Circle Stud Earrings by Dysis Design
Sterling Silver Pearl Earrings and Necklace for June by Dysis Design
Sterling Silver Pearl Earrings and Necklace for June by Dysis Design

I love the results I have produced using sterling silver. I have so many ideas that I want to try out and can’t wait to do more with sterling silver.

After seeing how stunning the obsidian heart was,  I created one myself too. I love it so much! Obsidian is a beautiful gemstone that really speaks to me; I really love the tiny golden flecks. In the past it was a gemstone used for scrying and mirror magic because it was thought to reflect your soul within it. It can also offer spiritual protection and give wisdom to those who wear it. I hoping it will help me make wiser choices in the future. Keep watching this space to see!



Cherry Quartz Bracelet by Dysis Design
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Evanescent Moments in Jewellery Creation

I tend to be one of those people who is either all in: mind, heart, soul. Or all out: my time would be more productive watching Netflix with sushi. Don’t ask, I’m just weird. I have learned not to analyse the inner motives of my mind (too dark and dangerous), but to instead go with my creative flow, wherever it may take me. Maybe not the best plan, yet this way of thinking has given me such freedom and peace lately. I have experienced many evanescent moments as a result.

One moment happened yesterday, as walked under the simmering heat of the sun, I spotted such beautiful flowers, clusters of them woven together in a fabulous white carpet. I had to take a photo and post it on my Instagram page straight away. Here it is.

Summer Flower Carpet by Dysis Design
Summer Flower Carpet by Dysis Design

So abundant, so dainty, so fragile yet beautiful. I remember thinking how exquisite, what a beautiful and hard working planet I live on.  Quality and beauty. I decided for my next line of jewellery I will work on a range which is exquisite and elegant as those flower. A range made from fine materials such as sterling silver. Quality an beauty.  Keep an eye on this space because over the next few weeks I will create a range of sterling silver jewellery piece. I’m really excited about the project and cant wait to see where my creativity takes me.

I am also producing better photos, as evident from the flowers. I’m trying more angles and experimenting more.  Here is a lovely new bracelet I created after my flower inspiration.

Cherry Quartz Bracelet by Dysis Design
Cherry Quartz Bracelet by Dysis Design

I think the photo turned out lovely. I also decided to reduce many of my items to low and ridiculous prices to celebrate the oncoming summer. It has me in such a good mood: I want to share it with all you fabulous people. Your support means a lot to me. Thank you gals and guys, big hugs.