A Journey in Handmade Jewellery Creation

I have always enjoyed crafts. As a child I would be constantly in my father’s shed using his tools and nails to “make” something. Normally a block of wood with excessive amounts of nails in. As an adult I continued to be drawn to crafty persuits and found myself the head of Design and Technology in the school where I taught. I did this for many years making handmade gifts for the children and staff in my spare time. Now I create jewellery for adults using metal wires, wire wrapping, wire weaving, and hammering techniques. If  I have wire, my tool kit and consent from my husband to use my hammer, I will blissfully toil away in my workshop creating unique handmade pieces of jewellery – oh how my husband regrets letting me buy that hammer.

This blog will be a record of my experiences as I learn and develop my handmde jewellery range. I want it to be a showcase and learning journal of my developing jewellery making skills