A Journey in Handmade Jewellery

I have always enjoyed crafts. As a child I would be constantly in my father’s shed using his tools and nails to “make” something. Normally a block of wood with excessive amounts ofย nails in. But let’s not go there. As an adult I continued to be drawn to crafty projects and ended up as the head of Design and Technology at the school where I taught. I did this for many years making gifts for the children and staff in my spare time. I have made a lot of children’s jewellery. Now that my own children are older, I want to create more jewellery for adults and use more authentic materials: ribbon, plastic and elastic are all nice but you start to look weird wearing it past a certain age. I have wire, a small tool kit and finally convinced my husband to let me have a hammer – oh how he regrets it.

I will be learning and recording as many of my experiences as I can. I want my blog to be a showcase and learning journal of my developing jewellery making skills.

Dysis Design is a space where I can unleash my creativity. I love jewellery and wearing a little sparkle really brightens my day. Even when I have a bad hair, face, clothes, personality, anything day: I know there are three things that will ensure the smile stays on my face – great shoes, sexy handbag and shimmering jewellery.