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It’s all about the bracelets!

The warm weather and colourful flowers have inspired me! Here a cute collection of summer bracelets to wear under the glorious sun. Or rain… If the weather can be happy, you still can with these happy colours. They can be stacked too! Enjoy the feel of the beautiful golden chain in oval or heart shaped links.

Three seven inch and three seven and a half inch bracelets.

Bracelets for fun
Double Chain Purple
Coral Crush
Pink and Pretty
Whimsy and White
Lots of Bracelets!
Dark and Dangerous





Jewellery Making

Sea, Pastel and Squares this Tenacious Week

Sea, Pastel and Squares this Tenacious Week

I have had a tenacious week. Work, family and DIY around the house have all threatened to come between me and my creating…but my tenacity knew no end and I actually managed to create three lovely items of jewellery. There may have been a hangover in there too, but let’s not linger on the self-inflicted obstacles. Cough. It seems Sunday is quickly turning into my official blog post day, I can’t believe it’s been a week since my last post, where has the time gone? It’s scary when life flies by so quickly and you really need to be tenacious to fit in the things you love.

My first item is a sea inspired pendant. I was lining up a few abalone shells on the table and though how swirly and flowing the colours looked, it reminded me of the sea. Not a blue glass-like sea glistening in the sun, though that type of sea is nice too, but a deep seaweed tangled sea with swirling undercurrents kicking up streamers of mud. A dark and mysterious place where the light bounces around the cloudy water and is sucked up into whirlpools of silt and swell. Here is the pendant:

It’s a wire wrapped pendant made from gold plated copper wire, abalone shell, lapis lazuli, adventurine, sodalite, and some agate in there too. The pictures show the back and the front, both sides are beautiful.

After completing jewellery piece number one, I wanted something that celebrated the beautiful spring weather. A walk under the tickling sunshine through the park inspired me. There were cherry blossom trees blooming with a fabulous hue of pastel pink and beneath them a sprinkling of tiny purple flowers (Sorry don’t know what they were and I was so enthralled I forgot to take a photo). I was in a pastel paradise.  This inspired jewellery idea two. The pastel set.

This set is created from pink quartz and chalcedony round beads. It’s made from silver plated copper wire. A pretty light set that makes me smile and think of spring flowers.

But that’s not it! I was tenacious remember! There was more… more creativity, more inspiration, more jewellery – more! Told you I had a tenacious week. Another set of jewellery was created. Now you might be marvelling over how I fit it all in, and the answer is little and often. I kept the pieces I was working on in a tray ready to pick up and put down whenever I could fit it in.

My third and final jewellery ideas for the week is the sophistication squared set.  The weather is warm, at least for now, and the barbeques are a buzz with family popping round for a visit. It’s the time for casual encounters and laid back brunches. I wanted to create something fashionable, sophisticated but versatile to wear anywhere. Here it is:

A beautiful and trendy set for the on the go girl who needs to look sophisticated yet not overdone. It is created from silver plated copper wire, black quartz, howlite and clear cracked quartz. The pendant is on a platted nylon cord and hooks closed at the front. I love the tiny hook! The bracelet is created from square knots over a wire frame to give the bracelet a casual macramé feel but enough movement for a snug fit. I am totally in love with this set and really wanted to keep it. But I’m broke as it’s almost Easter and the children are off…I have a teenage daughter and as her parent I never have money. Sad face.

I hope you enjoyed all my beautiful jewellery pieces this week. As always all of these are for sale in my Etsy or Facebook shop. Links are on the home page. Please check them out for more fabulous and unique jewellery piece. Remember jewellery is art and should make you feel fabulous.









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A busy week, too much to do!

It has been such a busy week! I just couldn’t get to my blog until today. Why is it that we always put off the things we love until last?

First a catch up on my Facebook vs Etsy observations. So far I have had way more interest and inquires on Facebook. I have had people look and favourite my page on Etsy but I suspect these are due to my Facebook presence. (they followed a link) After the first few weeks, I’m afraid to say, so far Etsy is losing! I Will keep you all updated.

Back to what I have been doing this week. First family, after friends, and then work. When I got through that I had commissions to do. A full set of jewellery was commissioned by a very elegant lady who wanted something unique and sophisticated. Here it is:

Golden Elegance by Dysis Design
A commissioned set for a very elegant lady.

She loved it! It’s made from champagne gold and howlite with a sprinkling of Swarovski crystals and a druzy black quartz thrown in. I look at it and it reminds me of cocktails, the tinkling of glass, golden bubbles quenching my tongue under a sparkling chandelier sat beside marble walls. Awww affluence. Sigh.

Then I wanted to get onto my third labradorite pendant. This one is a slightly bigger leaf-shaped and golden stone. It fitted in with the mood I was in after completing my commission. Gold and sophisticated. I used antique brass plated copper wire and antique copper chain to give the labradorite a vintage look. I love vintage! Here it is:

This pendant is so sophisticated and streamline. I want to keep it…but I can’t, so it’s for sale. I am so proud of myself for actually creating this week. I thought I’d never fit any in. I still have a lot to do, I have a commission for a birthday to do and lots of pearls waiting for me to string. They are sitting there staring at me every time I walked past them, it’s sinister. I really need to string them soon…before they start to string themselves!